4th Banstead Scout Group…

6/6/1933 4th Banstead (The Lodge) registered with the newly formed Banstead District Reg No: 15294
31/5/1934 Transfer to Chertsey as 1st Longcross
3/8/1938 4th Banstead (Banstead Hall School) registers Reg. No: 19595
Also – possible registration as 21693 Closed by 1947

The Lodge

The Lodge was built in 1860 as a farmhouse on the fields known as Collins Lands. It fronted Brighton Road between Lyme Regis Road and Chipstead Road. Later, the house was enlarged and became a private residence with ample grounds and facilities including stables, outbuildings, cottage, and gardens.

In 1881 it was occupied by Mr Harrington Hudson JP, a widower, with his two daughters and four servants.

The main parts of the property (i.e. all except a piece of land at the corner of Lyme Regis Road) were purchased by Miss Mary Ellen Mason in 1898 and 1900 respectively. Miss Mason made considerable extensions and alterations to the building and opened there a high class “finishing college” for young ladies. In 1904 a further

In 1930 the college was closed and subsequently let by Miss Mason for use as a Boys’ Preparatory School.

In 1933 the newly formed Banstead Urban District Council bought the property for use as the Council house.

In 1986 the house was enlarged and used as offices for Reigate and Banstead Borough Council.

In 2002 all the buildings were demolished and a block of flats called “Holmewood House” was erected on the site of the main building. The new frontage closely resembles the original.

The 4th Banstead is very unusual. When Banstead was registered as a District in 1934, the 4th Banstead is mentioned on the document but with the following annotation:

β€œAt present, this group are guests of the Edgeware District by special arrangement with IHQ.”

It seems likely that the Prep School had moved to a new home and the group had moved with it judging by its later transfer to become 1st Longcross.

However, in 1938, the 4th Banstead opens and it is also known as Banstead Hall School.

Like many groups, the 1st Banstead was impacted by the 2nd World War and fell into dormancy. Although the last warrant is cancelled in 1947, it is quite likely that the group had closed during the war. Many warrants were left open until 1949 as soldiers made their way back from the fields of war, or sadly, not at all.

Group Scout Master

Surname 1st Name Role Appointed Cancelled
Plimmer G. A. GSM 20/12/1934

Scout Master

Surname 1st Name Role Appointed Cancelled
Lewis H Russell SM 06/08/1938 31/10/1947
β€˜Put your phone down and what are you left with? Just teamwork, courage and the skills to succeed.’
Bear Grylls, Chief Scout Bear Grylls