Ford Transit Van

Banstead Scouts have entered into a formal partnership with Cheam and Sutton Rotary.  C&SR have purchased a Ford Transit and will be run and maintained on behalf of the district by Mark and David as it was before.  Although the C&SR have paid for the van, Banstead District will be financing the running costs.

Although the van will be registered to Mark & David the ownership remains with the C&SR and a formal agreement has been drawn up and signed by the relevant parties.

Obviously as we are not the owners and the C&SR expect the van to be in excellent condition when they use it, the van needs to be a lot better respected and looked after than previous vehicles were and all use will be more scrutinized than it was before.

As we now need to make the van pay its way as we are no longer getting the financial aid Mark & David were getting before, the donations will have to rise in order to make it financially viable.  Banstead District is not out not make a profit, but it must cover the  running costs.

There is now a diary set up for the hire of the van and can be found HERE.

For Further information or booking please email



As before, the Insurance is for anyone over 25, however, any driver who has had a motoring insurance claim/issue in the last 4 years or a motoring conviction in the last 5 years must declare it and become a named driver BEFORE DRIVING THE VAN. Any extra premiums that need paying will have to be paid by that driver/group/Unit. The person booking the van is responsible for ensuring all their drivers are compliant. Obviously, failure to declare this before driving would make the driver uninsured.
No Personal possessions are covered on the van insurance, this includes group equipment. Insurance only covers the van.
As with the Citroen, drivers are required to send a picture of the dashboard, to include the fuel gauge and Odo reading, on collecting and once returned Also A picture of the fuel receipt. Failure to send these will incur a £10 Admin fee. The Insurance has a mileage limitation, hence we need to keep a close eye on what mileage is done to ensure we do not go over it.


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