1st Banstead Scout Group

17 July 1909 20th Croydon (Kensington & Chelsea Schools) formed. Transfers to Sutton in 1911
1911 4th Sutton (Kensington & Chelsea Schools) Closes before 1913
1913 11th Sutton (Kensington & Chelsea Schools, Banstead) opens. Becomes a part of Epsom District in 1923
1/10/1921 1st Banstead (30th Sutton) Troop registers Reg No: T9003
24/06/1925 1st Banstead (Mrs Wilde’s Own) Pack registers Reg No: P7857
1928 1st Banstead (Kensington & Chelsea School) Group formed from Wolf Cub Pack P7875 (registered 24/6/1925) and Troop T 3464 (Registered Jan 1913) Reg No: 5905
17/2/1934 1st Banstead transfer to the newly formed Banstead & District Local Association Reg No: 5905

The 1st Banstead Troop of Boy Scouts was formed on and was based at the Kensington and Chelsea School later known as Beecholme.

Form C Registration

  • Troop No: 9003
  • Opened: 07/10/1921
  • Sponsored – Open
  • 1 officers: F L Baldwin
  • 24 Scouts
  • Meeting: Bentley Lodge, Banstead

Signed by:

  • F L Baldwin
  • Dist Sec: ?
  • District Commissioner: ?

F L Baldwin also sets up the 3rd Banstead Troop in 1923 at Bentley Lodge. What happened? The troop was still thriving in the photo below?

Form C Registration

  • Pack No: 7857
  • Opened: 07/10/1921
  • Type – Controlled – by school.
  • 1 officers: Doris Eileen Waldron
  • 18 Wolf Cubs
  • Meeting: 1 Fir Tree Road, Banstead (Banstead Cottage Homes)

Signed by:

  • D E Waldron
  • Dist Sec: Bailey
  • District Commissioner: Bailey (Epsom)

The Banstead Image Library

No: 219 Contributor: Ralph Maciejewski Year: 1925 District: Banstead

The photograph shows the 1st Banstead Troop of Boy Scouts in 1925.

From Left to Right..

Back Row: A. Gibbs, A Constable, G. Miller, C. Banner, R. Barker, A. Corner, D. Wright, A. Mitchenall, V. Armstrong.

Third Row: S./M. W.R. Waldron, Second R. Waters, Leader F. Whiley, E. Carter, Leader C. Rolph, Second J. Seale, G. Trump, Leader F. Sickenger, Second E. Morrison, A./S./M. D.G. Smith.

Second Row: E. Dennis, A. Wetton, Second W. Taberer, Second A. Robertson, S. Rolph, Cub Mistress Miss D.E. Waldron, E. Seale, Second P. Chamberlain, P.Keogh, A. Morrell, J. Mansbridge.

First Row: J. Ramsey, Second H. Engler, Sixer, T. Wilder, Sixer, S. Cook, J. Stevens, D. Greatorex.

Front Row: C. Carrington, L. Carrington, W. Hudson, R. Harris, G. Mobey, S. Geer.

Pasted from http://www.bansteadvillage.com/picture/number219.asp

Like many groups, the 1st Banstead was impacted by the 2nd World War and fell into dormancy. However, it restarted in 1951.

  • Group No: 28743
  • Opened: 25/1/51
  • Sponsored – Beecholme
  • 3 officers: Edward Pearce (CM), Clifford Heap (ACM), Thomas Hart (ACM)
  • 6 Wolf Cubs
  • Meeting: Beecholme (London County Council Children’s Home), Fir Tree Road

Signed by:

  • Dist Sec: F Bryant
  • District Commissioner: Frederick L A Gover

Group Scout Masters

Surname 1st Name Role Appointed Cancelled
Robinson Ronald William GSM 07/06/1952 23/09/1953
Butterworth Rev Frank GSM 26/09/1953 21/12/1956
Shearwood Rev Alexander GSM 06/11/1957 01/11/1958
Tuddenham William Edwin P GSM

Scout Masters

Surname 1st Name Role Appointed Cancelled
Baldwin F L SM 1921?
Fisher SM 1911? 01/03/1924
Tuddenham Walter Edwin P SM 22/12/1938 18/01/1949
Smale Richard George SM ? 18/01/1949
Fox Walter Allan SM 03/12/1953 20/10/1954

Assistant Scout Masters

Surname 1st Name Role Appointed Cancelled
Smith D G ASM 01/01/1915 31/05/1935
Dean Albert E ASM 23/07/1920 23/08/1925
Dunlop Rev Gerald D ASM 02/10/1925 18/01/1949
Tuddenham Walter Edwin P ASM 03/12/1937 22/12/1938
Smale Richard George ASM 08/05/1939
Warden Michael John ASM 12/02/1958 30/05/1959

Cub Masters

Surname 1st Name Role Appointed Cancelled
Waldron Doris E CM 11/12/1925 10/10/1936
Pearce Edward CM 30/05/1951 18/05/1955
Luck Ruth CM 30/01/1957 30/04/1951
Heard Lucy Daisy CM 05/10/1959 18/03/1964
Eaves Jeffrey R CM 21/05/1964 28/01/1965
Grey Harry CM 25/03/1965 30/03/1970

Assistant Cub Master/Leader

Surname 1st Name Role Appointed Cancelled
Hart Thomas ACM 30/01/1951 21/05/1952
Heap Clifford ACM 30/01/1951 16/01/1952
Spence Geraldine ACM 27/02/1951 ?1967
Rimmer Carole ACM 19/05/1958 20/02/1960
Duthie Janet Audrey ACM 21/05/1964 ?1966
Reid Gordon Edward ACL 16/06/1967 30/03/1970
Put your phone down and what are you left with? Just teamwork, courage and the skills to succeed.’
Bear Grylls, Chief Scout Bear Grylls