Tattenham Scouts Live The High Life!

Date: 4th Nov 2018 Author: Scout Websites
The Scouts from 1st Tattenhams (St Marks) recently took to the skies with the Surrey Scouts Air Activities Team. This is how they described their experiences:

“I had a fantastic opportunity for flying experience. Wow! What an amazing experience, my first flying experience. I was very excited but anxious the day before. Whole week I was praying for good weather. It was very sunny cold on the day. We went to Redhill Scouts flying club. I went on a four seated plane (I can’t remember plane name). I was very nervous at first but when the plane arrived I felt incredibly excited. It was a 20-minute ride but it was worth it! It was a bumpy ride when the plane took off and landed. In the sky, houses looked like bees, cars as small as ants and people the size of full stops. On it I could see Tadworth primary school, the Grand Stand, Epsom and Tadworth leisure centre. When I landed it felt like 30 minutes. It’s amazing how world looks so different from approx. 2000 ft high. ”

“I had a great time flying with the scouts. When we first arrived, the instructors made sure that we knew the rules so that we were safe. We were split into groups of three. Two in the back and one in the front with the pilot. While we were waiting we learned about the different parts of the plane. We flew around the local area for a while before we landed again. Some people even saw our scout hut which was very exciting. It was a very fun experience which I hope to do again”

“We went up on a plane. I had a briefing from the scout instructors. I was then taken on to the airfield and climbed into the plane and sat next to the pilot. From the run way I took off. I saw my school and I got to pull up and go down using the controls. I enjoyed the time up in the air even though I don’t like heights.”

Put your phone down and what are you left with? Just teamwork, courage and the skills to succeed.’
Bear Grylls, Chief Scout Bear Grylls