1st Woodmansterne Cubs’ Summer Adventure

Date: 1st Sep 2019 Author: Alistair Tickett

This year, Woodmansterne Cubs had their summer camp at a campsite called Braggers Wood just the other side of the New Forest.

This site gave the cubs a great opportunity to pay a visit to Brownsea Island, something that all scouts should aim to visit as an iconic place of scouting history. The group had 18 Cubs and 5 great leaders on camp this year, divided into 4 teams with a full program of cub activities. For some it was their 3rd camp and some their 1st camp and they all said what a great week they had!

The cubs were set lots of challenges throughout the week to gain tent points: all the cubs were out to impress the leaders with the tent inspection that was carried out by a different leader each day as well as showing how clean their plates were after every meal.  This was a great way to win tent of the week. The points throughout the week stayed fairly even but in activities like the climbing and crate stacking, the girls scored best with 3 of the team hitting the top of the wall.  Shooting and archery, crab fishing, fire lighting, outdoor cooking, performing at the campfire all gave points so the cubs all had their moments to score points for their tent.

One of the hardest things to do on camp for the leaders is to choose ‘cub of camp’.  The leaders looked very hard for the cub that showed willingness to learn, friendship to other cubs, and had used their initiative. One question asked towards the end of the camp as the cubs broke flag before bedtime was, ‘what have we learnt on camp this week?’  Some of the answers were very interesting but the leaders managed to find the cub of camp who got to take home the trophy.  The girls won tent of the week.

Cubs this year managed to gain their outdoor and adventure challenges and some of their skills challenge, hikes and nights away, as well as touching on many more badges. This camp has taken 4 cubs to their silver award, and in total 80 badges are waiting to be handed out at the beginning of next term.  Some of the cubs will start there moving on award to scouts.

What an amazing camp!


Check out the full gallery of photos from camp HERE

Put your phone down and what are you left with? Just teamwork, courage and the skills to succeed.’
Bear Grylls, Chief Scout Bear Grylls