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Banstead Scouts History Project

Were you ever in Scouting in Banstead as a young person or a leader?

Have a wander down memory lane and share your memories with us! Click here to find out more: Banstead Scouts History Project

1st Tattenham Scouts Go Technical!

The Institution of Engineering and Technology (IET) partner the Scout Electronics Activity Badge

1St Tattenhams Scouts have been learning how to use a multimeter to measure voltage, current and resistance in a simple circuit. Explain the relationship between these values, talk about the main differences in the operation of digital and analogue circuits. Also show that they’re aware of the safe working practices to be followed when handling electronic components, circuit boards and when soldering.

We live in a world full of engineering! Everything we do and use has had professional engineers involved in designing it or finding solutions to problems surrounding it and technicians making the engineers’ ideas a reality. The Scout Group can get involved in Projects and enjoy activities in the Scout Electronics Badge activity pack Which is great fun and useful in everyday life.

It will take up to 7 weeks to complete the badge work and show the scouts the right way and the safe way first time.

3rd Banstead Scouts Visit the Battlefields of the Somme

At 5.30 am on 29th April, 18 Scouts and leaders left Scout Ridge and took ‘le Shuttle’ to a small campsite at Rebreuve sur Canche in the Pas de Calais.

After pitching camp and some lunch. they set off for the Sheffield Memorial Park at Serre Cemetry, (Pals Battalions).  Under the guidance of leader Simon Osborne, an expert on the 1st July 1916 battles, they learned of the disastrous attack. They then made a charge from the trench up the hill and fell into the long grass.

They finally visited the tombstone of Rifleman James Crozier, at the Sucriere Cemetary,  who was executed for cowardice at the age of 18 despite having been into battle several times. He lied about his age to join up,  and being so young he effectively had a nervous breakdown because of his experiences. A wreath was laid at his grave and a minute’s silence followed.

Cubs explore the World!

The cubs from 3rd Banstead Oak and Elm packs went off to camp in East Grinstead and despite it being a little wet(!) had a great time exploring the different continents.  The sixes were named after Africa, Asia and Australasia.

With string trails done with blindfolds, swimming, climbing, shooting, backwoods cooking, lots of wood collecting for the cooking fire and many other activities, the cubs had an amazing time once again!

The full gallery of pictures can be found here and the slide show below:

Tadworth Cubs’ Summer Celebrations

1st Tadworth Cubs had a wonderful summer term undertaking a variety of activities including a skills evening, fun group family BBQ, games, a bike ride and backwoods cooking at Park Farm.

The Cubs finished their term on a hunt for cows on Headley Heath and had a picnic - great fun had by all!

20 cubs will now be going to Lyndhurst in the holdiays for more adventure and fun under canvass for a week. 

Banstead Story Craft Challenge 2017

On a rainy November afternoon, 35 Beavers escaped the hurly burly of Saturday football (and shopping!) to exercise their creative muscles.

Lots of the Beavers are keen readers and many of them could name books that they love to read or to have read to them.  The book we chose for our Story craft competition was “Charlie Cook’s Favourite Book”.  Some of the Beavers already knew the book, but all of them listened carefully to tales of a comfy armchair, a pirate, three bears, a dragon, a crocodile, a knight, some birds, a frog and some aliens.  In small teams, the Beavers then decided on a character from the book that they would re-create from recyclables, glue, pipe cleaners and lots and lots of paint (note to leaders: even more paint needed next time!).

We had 9 teams in total, representing 3rd and 7th Banstead, 1st Tattenhams, Woodmansterne and Walton.  

The children worked really hard all afternoon and there were some fantastically creative ideas.  The models they produced included the crocodile, the knight, the pirate ship, a tree full of birds, the dragon, a treasure chest, a castle and even a library full of books.

The tricky task of choosing the winners was bravely undertaken by Vernon Tucker, our District Treasurer.  As we’d expect from a retired numbers man, he approached the task methodically and carefully!  All the teams were questioned about what they’d made; who had done what and who had helped keep their tables (fairly) clean and tidy.  After totting up all the scores and re-reading his notes, it was the crocodile produced by Woodmansterne that was declared as the winning model.  Second place went to 7th ’s pirate ship and third place went to Tattenhams’ dragon and knight.

All the children had a lovely afternoon and we’re planning to make this an annual event.  Thanks to all the leaders and helpers who washed an endless supply of paintbrushes and mopped up a surprisingly small number of spillages.  We’re already looking forward to next year!

Remembrance Weekend Sleepover

Cubs and leaders from both 3rd Banstead packs got together on the Remembrance weekend to cook, sew, clean shoes and litter pick to earn some badges. Many thanks to the parents who came to help with the activities. Everyone also had the chance to abseil.  After eating the meal the cubs had prepared, everyone enjoyed singing around a campfire. Hoping the cubs were suitably worn out they were sent to get ready for their sleepover in the main hall. The leaders were pleased to say that the cubs were very quiet all night and had to be woken for breakfast.

After breakfast and packing up their sleeping bags, it was time for marching practice and a reminder of why Remembrance Day was important. The cubs and leaders then marched up to Banstead to take part in the parade. There was a good turnout for the group as a whole despite the cold weather.